Set Your Tide Clock

Set the time

Set the time as you would on a standard clock using the thumb wheel on the back of the mechanism.


Set the tide

Note: Setting the tide is an independent process and has no relevance to the current time!

Set the tide using the large gear wheel at the base of the mechanism.

For optimum accuracy, set or reset your knoman tide clock at high tide, on a full moon. This ensures minimum deviation from the average.

To set your Knoman tide clock you will need to check your local tide chart or consult a reliable surf or shipping website to get an accurate tidal forecast.

Method 1

(Quick, immediate setting. Less accurate)

Using the information gathered from your preferred tide chart. Determine how many hours & minutes to the next tide change (high or low).

Using the graduations on the clock as a guide, set the short blue tide hand to the appropriate position.

Example: If you determine that there are 3 hrs 30 min to the next high tide.

Set the tide hand to the 8:30 position.

Method 2

(Best for full moon set or reset)

Determine when the next high tide is or preferably full moon high tide.

Set an alarm for this date and time.

At this exact time set your Knowman tide clock to the 12:00 (High tide) position.



For peace of mind, set a reminder in your calendar to check your tide clock at least twice per year.

E.g. Full moon nearest to the Spring equinox – autumn equinox

Alternativly use the biannual day light savings time change to reset your clock and check the tide.


Be safe, Know your tides and enjoy our amazing oceans!