Product Design & Material Update

Posted by Knoman on 26/09/2016 in Product Announcments


Product Design & Material Update

Continuing with our ongoing product design improvements and experimentation with materials.

We are now using a single layer,  laminated bamboo, as apposed to multiple layer bamboo in the previous version. This takes out an element of complexity which in turn create’s a more refined product.

Previous version









New version


The objective is to design and make a product that is the best it can be at what it does. A clock that enables you to read the time and the tide at a glance, and when not in use, it is a beautiful object that enhances the environment it occupies.   Any element of complexity that detracts from its core purpose should be removed, or evolve.

Shadow Edge profile

The updated edge profile helps to create a more refined product. The clock is visually slimmer and the resulting shadow creates the elusion that the clock is hovering  off the wall.



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  • Hi- can I buy clock at strandhill or Rathcormac market? – I live in sligo. Thank you

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