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About Knoman Tide Clocks

Knoman represents an idea that with knowledge of our surroundings we can achieve so much more with our time. For those of us with a love of the ocean, being in tune with the tidal movements is an important element of our interaction with the sea.

Knoman tide clocks use a unique elliptical design, symbolising the orbits of both the earth and the moon to graphically represent the tidal position at any given time. The two ellipses create an enclosed space that represents the tidal variation. When the blue tide hand points vertically up, this indicates high tide, and vertically down for low tide. For more infomation on reading your Knoman Tide Clock, click Here

In the time it takes you to glance at your knoman tide clock to view the time, you will also know the tidal position at your local beach and whether the tide is in ebb or flood.

Tidal movement of the ocean is driven by the gravitational and centrifugal forces exerted on the oceans by our lunar partner’s, the sun(Solar tide) and our moon(lunar tide). The timing and height of the tidal surge however, is affected by many factors including the relationship between elliptical orbit of the moon around the earth and the elliptical orbit of the earth around the sun, coastal profile, ocean depth and some other lesser influences.

Tidal prediction charts and online websites dedicated to tidal information are incredibly accurate and take all these factors into consideration when calculating tidal times and height deviation. For most of us, this incredibly accurate information is not necessary on a daily basis.

Knoman tide clocks use a mechanism that uses the average time between tidal surges, calculated over a lunar phase cycle. The lunar phase cycle of approximately 29.5 days is the time it takes the moon to orbit the earth and return to the same position, relative to the sun. This orbit is the major influence that drives the tidal cycle. When calculated, it has been determined that the average time between tidal cycles is 12 hrs 25 min. The small blue hand on a Knoman tide clock revolves once over this duration and indicates one average (high – low – high) tide cycle.

To maintain the most accurate tidal indication on your Knoman tide clock it is best to set the tide hand at high tide on a full moon. This ensures minimum deviation from the average. For in depth information on accurately setting your Knoman Tide Clock, click  Here


Whether you surf, swim, sail, fish or simply walk the beach, knowing the tidal position in a momentary glance is liberating.

Knoman says   Get out there!